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Supercharge your revenue and increase customer satisfaction by upgrading your flat rate pricing software for electrical.

This electrician can carry flat rate pricing books on a tablet PC

Why is Flat Rate Pricing Software Vital in the Electrical Industry?

Flat Rate Plus Online software, along with the electrical repair and installation pricing database includes diagnostics and repairs for key electrical repairs, electrical system addons, and many other electrical services. Make your own sales presentation price book. We have included thousands of extra items that you can use to build out your own customized tasks and services. This software system is ideal for field service electrical contractors, both residential and light commercial.

The essential pricing and sales presentation tool for electricians.

Increase Productivity and Profits

  • Gain access to product information on the go
  • Earn your customer's trust with more efficient electrical pricing software
  • Create a seamless sales flow with electrical-specific software
  • Professionally present your electrical pricing in the field on mobile view

Deliver a More Efficient Service Performance

  • Use our system to receive payments and invoicing
  • Export or Synch with QuickBooks
  • Automatically calculates sales tax
  • Includes Powerful Labor Rate Calculator
  • Easily Access the Flat Rate Price Comparative Search Tool

Customized Mobile Sales Presentation

  • Easily navigate through pre-made price books
  • Access pre-built tasks and templates
  • Build multiple price books
  • Add and edit Tasks, Parts, and Pricing at any time
  • Offer Good/Better/Best pricing
  • Use included or create custom part numbers

No Installation Needed

  • Web-based software pricing system
  • Accurate automatic updates
  • Tailored for: Electricians and Electrical Work
  • Optional Plumbing and HVAC Flat Rate Pricing is available. Commercial refrigeration too.

Best Pricing Software for the Electrical Service Industry.

Check out the Electrical Flat Rate Task Categories:



Water Heaters


Power Distribution

Power Generation

Service Agreements


Service Fees

See how Flat Rate Plus Online® will super-charge your electrician's performance and your company's profits.

Since 1996, Flat Rate Plus® has been America’s #1 Best Flat Rate Pricing software for the HVAC, refrigeration, plumbing, and electrical  industries. James R. Leichter has owned and operated the company the entire time.

No one is more dedicated to flat rate pricing than we are.