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Because a flat rate software company should not nickel and dime you to death or make you call for pricing.


Forever Free™

$ 0
  • This is your easy risk-free way to get started building great flat rate price books for your field service business. You may upgrade or change plans anytime you wish.

Premium Plus

$ 420
/per year*
  • That's works out to be just $35 per month for each user. You save 30%. This low price includes everything listed below. You have some options to decide on.
Initial One-Time Setup Fees N/A $999 Waived (limited time)
Free Tools & Resources
Management and bookkeeping reports
Equipment Replacement, Installation, and Add-on Price Calculator
Demand Service and Labor Rate Price Calculator
HVAC Heat Gain/Loss calculator
Access Aptora’s documents, templates, and other valuable resources
QuickBooks® With API
QuickBooks® Best In Class Full Two-Way Integration Initial Investment of $499, plus $29 added for each user per month.
Accept Credit Card Payments
Integrate your Celero® credit card processing
Complete Integration with PayPal®
Flat Rate Software Features and Capabilities
Create custom flat rate price books
Number of Flat Rate Book Titles allowed Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Flat Rate Task Items allowed 5,000 Unlimited
Number of Flat Rate Tasks allowed 5,000 Unlimited
Advanced item fields
Management and bookkeeping reports
Import and Export
Import Your Flat Rate Plus® Database
Import Flat Rate Pricing and/or CRM Data
Import Category Images and Photos
Import Item and Task Images and Photos
Export Your Customer and Contact Info
Export Flat Rate Books as Data File or Print PDF Books $10 per month per user
Social Networking
Access to social networking
Invite friends and employees to join
Attach pictures and files to comments and posts
Share flat rate data with friends
Upload and share pictures, documents, and files
Professionally Built Flat Rate Books
HVAC/R Repair and Replacement $1800 $1800
Plumbing Repair and Drain Cleaning $1800 $1800
Electrical Service and Repair $1800 $1800
Landscape Lighting Price Guide FREE FREE
Buy all three books and save 15% 25%
Knowledgable Traing & Support
Access tutorials to help guide you through the site
Access technical support forums
Submit Support Tickets
Free flat rate pricing webinars and videos
Priority technical support response
Call the technical support department

Frequently Asked Questions

This is the initial fee we charge to set up the flat rate pricing app for your company. It helps cover our initial costs associated with training, support, and IT services. This is a one-time fee and the number of users or other options do not increase it.

Yes. You can sign up for the Premium Plus Plan and pay for just one user. Add the Export Data option. You may then export your flat rate price books. If you continue to pay monthly or annually, you with receive updates and support.

We update the flat rate data on a regular basis. We have relationships with many suppliers and vendors. When their pricing changes, we update the system as needed.

No. The annual plan must be paid for upfront. That allows you to get twelve months of service but only pay for ten months.

No. The QB interface is only available with the Premium Plus plan.

Our monthly and annual fees are for each Flat Rate Plus user.

You may purchase them at any time. When you purchase all three at the same time, you will receive a discount. One reason we do it this way is so you can try out our entire flat rate system first, before making much of a financial commitment.

Flat Rate Plus sends information to QuickBooks® and receives information from QuickBooks. The two systems synchronize their data. This type of tech is our specialty. We are QuickBooks experts.

Currently, it is customers, items, and invoices. Customers include full contact information among shared fields. Items include all the fields shared by both programs. Invoices that are created in Flat Rate Plus are added to QuickBooks. If a customer or item does not exist on either program, it is added to the other.

Flat Rate Plus allows you to create Inventory, Non-Inventory, and Labor Item types. These items are added to QuickBooks using Inventory, Non-Inventory, and Service Item types respectively. They match the QuickBooks Invoice Item types.

Contact Matt Gandolfo at:
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Please contact us with any other questions.

You can visit their website to get signed up. You may also use an existing account. Please remember that we charge a small fee for using PayPal®.

See how Flat Rate Plus® will super-charge your profits.

Since 1996, Flat Rate Plus® has been America’s #  1 Best Flat Rate Pricing software for the HVAC, refrigeration, plumbing, and electrical industries. James R. Leichter has owned and operated the company the entire time.

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